TESOL Strategies

TESOL Trainers provides highly engaging Professional Development on TESOL Strategies for today's K-12 educator.

Our experiential approach to teacher training empowers participants; our engaging delivery inspires teachers; our use of practical, no-prep strategies encourage teachers to immediately implement these  strategies in their contexts.

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What are TESOL Strategies?

TESOL is an acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  

Many school districts across the United States are faced with rising numbers of English learners and the realization that they are poorly prepared for the challenge.

While many teachers have Multilingual Learners in their classrooms, they may not have the necessary competence or confidence to support these students effectively.

In fact, an overwhelming number of teachers admit to feeling inadequately prepared and poorly equipped to meet the needs of these students.

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This set of four workshops provides educators with a clear understanding of the SIOP framework, a set of highly engaging model lessons, practical TESOL techniques, and tips that encourage excellence in teaching and in learning

TESOL Trainers is your scaffold to success ‚ĄĘ

TESOL Trainers K12 Professional Development  SIOP

TESOL Trainers offers a highly interactive look at 8 TESOL Strategies that can have a profound impact on how students connect with the language, the content, and with one another.  Participants leave this professional development workshop with scores of easy-to-use, practical strategies they can use the next day to set all students (especially the multilingual learners) up for success.

We provide a one-day and two-day virtual training sessions on TESOL techniques for all K-12 teachers.  This program can transform teaching and learning by showing teachers small changes they can make in their practices that have profound effects on how English Language Learners achieve academic success.

Whether you take the onsite or online workshop, our approach to teacher training is always the same:  it’s experiential, engaging, and empowering.

Educators who attend can expect to:

  • Develop ability to use these 8 fundamental TESOL Strategies in any context.
  • Experience 12 strategies to engage every learner all the time.
  • Acquire 8 comprehension checking strategies.
  • Encounter a simple, fool-proof system of giving crystal clear instructions.
  • Explore how to support academic vocabulary acquisition.
  • Gain tools to maximize oral language development.
  • Use the Gradual Release of Responsibility to scaffold students into success.
  • Integrate the 4 language domains of language in every lesson.
  • Hone¬†ability to measure one's own skills with¬†conscious competence.

TESOL Trainer's Strategies Set Teachers Up for Success

Rather than dreading going to professional development, teachers look forward to attending our professional development workshops. After each session, teachers rave about how quickly the time passed and how much they enjoyed it. Even the veteran teachers say our teacher training workshops  are among the best they've ever attended.  

Educators complete our TESOL trainings with high levels of confidence in their ability to implement the strategies & competence in being able to do so effectively.

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