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Whether we visit your school our you visit ours, we can provide highly engaging, empowering, and educational professional development for K-12 and college faculty.

With our experiential approach to teacher training, all of your teachers, novice & experience alike, take their teaching to the next level with our hands-on workshops whether face to face or online.

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TESOL Trainer's Professional Development Educates to Empower & Inspire 

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At TESOL Trainers, we provide professional development to all K-12 and college faculty at your institute or at ours.  We even provide training on remote instruction that will help professors engage their students in meaningful ways.

We tailor-make our professional development to meet the specific needs of your institution.  We can provide both short and long term professional development.  Likewise, all of our professional development comes with a 'for credit' option.

‚ÄčAll professional development that we offer engages the whole of the participant. ¬†The hands on nature of our workshops empowers educators to use the practical strategies we provide. ¬†

Most of all, we don't just certify teachers as better; we inspire them to be the best.

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Samples of Professional Development Offerings from TESOL Trainers

All of these options can be offered in a remote setting.  TESOL Trainers' online professional development will forever change how your professors approach teaching and learning.

Best Practices in TESOL 

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There is more to teaching English than merely knowing the language.  This training provides all participants with a wealth of hands-on strategies that will make them more effective and more efficient instructors.

Strategies for Success

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There are 7 strategies that educators can master to take their teaching {and their students' learning} to the next level.  In this workshop, we provide participants with scores of real lessons which highlight the strategies they are developing.

Promoting Oral Language

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Getting students to speak in an academic setting is more than just showing them vocabulary or giving them the opportunity to talk.  We'll show you 12 techniques that are guaranteed to scaffold your students into academic language fluency.

Integrating the 4 Skills

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Integrating the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) can help students accelerate their fluency.  Learn how to integrate the four domains of language in any class context.

Academic Vocabulary

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Teaching and learning vocabulary doesn't have to be boring.  There are ways to retain a high degree of rigor and a high degree of excitement.  We will show you the fundamentals of academic vocabulary.

Writing with Ease

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It is true that there is both an art and a science to teaching writing.  We will take the magic out of the process by showing educators how to scaffold students into writing independently and successfully.

Take a Teacher Training Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico 

If your institution would prefer to send a group of teachers to us, we can take care of everything.  We will work with you to provide housing (homestays can be arranged), create professional visits to schools and universities, and even design a 'tourist' excursion plan so your teachers will get to know the world-class city of Santa Fe, New Mexico and its beautiful surroundings.

For more information, contact John Kongsvik directly.

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