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SIOP Sets Everyone Up for Success

SIOP {Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol} gives K-12 educators a set of guidelines they can use to design and deliver lessons that support all students (especially English Learners) in the content area classroom.

TESOL Trainers, Inc. offers experiential professional development on all aspects of Sheltered Instruction that help teachers make instruction more accessible, more comprehensible, and more engaging to all learners.

Dr. John Kongsvik and his team offer the most popular online SIOP PD available today:  TESOL Trainers’ English Learner Institute. 

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What will my teachers get out of TESOL Trainers' SIOP Seminars?

 Sheltered Instructional Techniques are more than best practices in teaching. The scope of SIOP helps teachers define and refine the way they plan and teach their lessons.  SIOP strategies that teachers use to support English language learners in the classroom are just as effective with all of their students regardless of their native language.  

The components and features of SIOP remind teachers of fundamental teaching strategies such as building background and scaffolding and critical teaching skills like giving clear instructions and encouraging metacognitive skills.

Contact Dr. John Kongsvik to learn more about K12 Professional Staff Development on SIOP.

Participating teachers in our SIOP professional development will...

SIGN up for Summer SIOP Institute
This set of four workshops provides educators with a clear understanding of the SIOP framework, a set of highly engaging model lessons, practical TESOL techniques, and tips that encourage excellence in teaching and in learning

How is the K-12 Professional Development structured?

  1. TESOL Trainers can design and deliver SIOP professional development workshops in a short-term or longer-term fashion. We offer 1-2 day SIOP trainings, and we offer professional development that spans one academic year or more.
  2. The focus can be an overview of SIOP or an in-depth look at SIOP, its 8 components and 30 features. One or more aspects of SIOP can also be the focus {e.g. scaffolding, engaging students, turn-and-talk, etc}.
  3. In addition, we offer a for-credit option with our SIOP PD for any institution that would like to reward their teachers by providing graduate credit for their efforts.
  4. Any SIOP training can be combined with a Peer Coaching training to scaffold all teachers into implementing the strategies with fidelity. See more about iCOACH© here. Peer coaching is an empowering way to support all teachers.
John Kongsvik, Director of TESOL Trainers, Inc.

TESOL Trainers offers SIOP professional development online

Our remote PD on the Principles and Practices of SIOP is a one-of-a-kind adventure. The experiential approach we use is highly engaging and empowering. Teachers leave our online PD with loads of instructional strategies and techniques that work in the remote learning environment and in the traditional classroom. Educators become invigorated and inspired to set all of their students up for success.TESOL Trainers offers scores of remote K12 professional development that will transform how teaching and learning occur at your school.Contact us and let us know what kind of SIOP training you are looking for, and we'll design something specifically for your needs.

What do teachers and administrators say about our workshops?

TESOL Trainers has designed and delivered K-12 professional development initiatives on Sheltered Instruction techniques for over 10 years. Because every workshop is experiential, teachers experience all of the SIOP strategies and techniques by going through model lessons. Once teachers 'unpack' the principles, teachers explore adaptable, easy-to-use ways to use them in the classroom.Setting our students up for success requires setting our teachers up for success. Let TESOL Trainers give you a scaffold to success™.

Please contact us for detailed information on how we can help your educational institution set all teachers and learners up for success.

What kinds of SIOP PD does TESOL Trainers offer?

TESOL Trainers offers a wide variety of SIOP professional development. From short-term introductory SIOP PDs to long-term, in-depth explorations of all 30 SIOP features, we can set you up for success. Here are four examples:

  1. Introduction to SIOP: Length - 2 days. This looks at the SIOP Framework, its 8 components, and 30 key features.
  2. SIOP Institute: Length - 5 days. In addition to the aforesaid, participants look at each component and its features thoroughly.
  3. Principles and Practices of SIOP: Length - 8 days. This SIOP Training goes deep with each component, spending 1 day on each.
  4. Mastering the SIOP Framework: Length - 12 days. People who complete this SIOP Training are grounded in all SIOP features.

Contact Dr. John Kongsvik, the director of TESOL Trainers, to discuss what kind of SIOP PD is right for you.

Using the Conscious Competence Learning Matrix to Support Teacher Growth

The Conscious Competence Matrix is a tool used to measure one's skills and awareness of those skills. ​

Our SIOP Professional Development for K-12 Educators uses this matrix as a means of stimulating growth, raising one's awareness, and empowering oneself.

Take a look at how we can use this matrix as a self-reflection tool for teachers going through TESOL Trainers' SIOP Institute: TESOL Trainers SIOP Self-Reflection. We believe that only awareness is teachable. We help educators cultivate metacognitive muscles by becoming aware of their own strengths and challenges. Then, we train teachers to create comfort with discomfort by leaning into their challenges. Finally, we help educators hone their skills by becoming masters of the A.C.T. If you want your teachers to take charge of their own growth, sign them up for Dr. Kongsvik’s English Learner Institute today!

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